Who is Your Best Soccer Number 10 Player..?

Who is Your Best Soccer Number 10 Player

  • Maradona

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  • The Immortal Garrincha

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  • Platini

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  • Zico

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  • Messi

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  • Marta

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Dennis Lee
Staff member
  1. Pele
  2. Maradona
  3. Platini
  4. Zidane
  5. Zico
  6. Marta
  7. Ronaldinho
  8. Rivaldo
  9. The Immortal Garrincha
  10. Messi
Who is YOUR Best soccer number 10 player?
Take your time and think carefully : Character, Courage, Honor, Skills, Respect, Attitudes, Discipline, Confidence, "selfless contributions to the beautiful game"..!
Most of these players have had great careers, some still have great careers ahead. They have done noteworthy things. But I would have to pick as my own favorite after a tough decision ronaldinho.

I would even go for messi!


I couldn't go for any other player! But the best football player. Messi!


New Member
i ve been wtching soccer games for some time now. i would have to say that these players are good but i woud vote for messi


out of all the ones that have mentiond i would have to say that my favorite soccer player would be ronaldinho surely


out of all the soccer players that have been mentioned here i would go for ronaldinho surely

roberto mejia

New Member
all of these players are great but in my mind rivaldo is still the best



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