What to do before (Semi or finals)? any Soccer game


Dennis Lee
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Please watch video and post your comments ?




You know your lucks in when you draw Portsmouth, the weakest team left in the hat by quite some distance, in the semi-finals instead of either Aston Villa or Chelsea. Tottenham definitely got the rub of the green in regards to the draw but simply have to make that count on Sunday by avoiding any such upset, one which would rate right up their with the biggest in the cup’s long history considering Portsmouth’s speedy plight from the stars. What they are facing, though, is a team who won the competition just two years ago, with the current Spurs boss Harry Redknapp at the helm of Portsmouth that day. Some neutrals will says this tie was handmade by the footballing Gods so that Pompey could exact some revenge on a man which left them to sink, while we prefer to look at it as Tottenham boasting a manager with top notch FA Cup credentials. He knows exactly what it takes to land the FA Cup, only this time he has a far better squad to achieve it with.