Top Forum Poster Contests for This Month


Dennis Lee
Staff member

How to Enter Contest Today.

Forum poster must be a member of site & have invited a few friends to website
via site's referral:

1. Have a Paypal account.( if you don't have one Click Here)

2. Content type: pictures + content, video + content, articles + picture /video.
(No Links in articles or post)

3. Biographies of players are welcome but must be original or rewrite.


1. First Prize $100 US

2. Second Prize $50 US

3. Third Prize $30 US

Contest start September 5th 2010
...... Then Ends on October 1st 2010.

Funds will be paid to Top Forum Poster on October 1st 2010. to Winners Paypal account.

We will announce the leaders of each two weeks.

Good luck, looking forward towards paying you via paypal.

Best regards,


Dennis Lee
Staff member
It is a contest for the top poster on forum...!


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