Dennis Lee
Staff member

TOP 5 easy street soccer/football skills is our latest football skill tutorial for you guys, featuring different street soccer moves that are simple & you can learn them all today! Street football skills can be extremely difficult so this time we picked out 5 basic football skill moves and in this video we teach you how to do them! In today's TOP 5 easy street football skills episode our football freestyler host PWG is joined by Liicht from Copenhagen Pannahouse - and together they will teach you 5 simple street soccer moves that will make you look like a boss! These five street football tricks and skills are useful in street games or even in 11-a-side football - if you dare to try them out in front of your teammates! Learn how to do some amazing football skills by watching the episode right now! The most important thing to keep in mind is that in order to master a bunch of amazing football skills, you need to practice a lot. In this video, PWG & Liicht give you a tutorial of five street soccer moves and give tips on how to master all of the 5 street football moves. Listen carefully as they explain each football trick - and remember to practice hard after you're done watching this tutorial