The Soccer Leader- The Soccer Number 10 Player


Dennis Lee
Staff member
Some people might think about number 10 players as just being skilled play-makers who have a knack for finishing. But an important thing to learn if you want to be a number 10 player is leadership.

It is very important for every team to have a leader out on the field. There are situations during a game when the coach can not be there for every moment, and the other players will look to the leader of the team for advice or direction on how to play and act in a tough time.

The best leaders don't need to say a lot. Most of the time they are there to motivate and inspire the team through their actions, not their words. Their role is not that of a coach, but is just as important. Leaders will show others how to keep composure during stressful situations. They will keep focused on the game and help others remember to do so if the referee is making bad calls. They will encourage the players to communicate better out on the field.

If you want to be a leader on the field, you must also be a leader off the field. You should set a good example by showing up early to practice, and give 100% effort during practice. You should be the first to congratulate the winning team if your team lost, and the first to help someone up if they go down hard. You should always show respect to the coach and the other players on your team at all times. Through these actions, everyone on your team will know that you are the type of player and person that they can count on.

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The now-Victorian state champion bodybuilder played soccer professionally in Japan and Australia, with stints with Melbourne Knights and South Melbourne in the now-defunct National Soccer League, although as a fringe player.

But he turned his back on the sport he had loved in his youth and found a new passion.