The Simple Secrets to a Successful Triathlon


Dennis Lee
Staff member
The Simple Secrets to a Successful Triathlon

A triathlon is a very tough event to complete and most people will need to train before attempting to complete a triathlon. If you have already completed a triathlon and are looking on ways to improve your time for your next one there are a few tricks and areas you can spend more time training.

The most common mistake beginning triathletes make in their training is spend too much time focusing on their strengths and not enough time on their weaknesses. Chances are you will have one strength in a triathlon, whether it's the swim, bike or run you will be better at one than the rest. Most people think that if they focus as much time as possible in the one area they excel in they will greatly lower their triathlon time and you probably will. But, you won't lower is as much as if you focused on your weaknesses. For example, in a sprint triathlon I can go out and run 5k in 18 minutes with minimal training.

If I primarily focused my training on the run I can probably get it down to 17 minutes and maybe in to the 16's. At the most I would be butting off a minute and a half of my overall time. Now let's say my swim time was 18 minutes for the half mile swim. If I spent most of my training on the swim I can easily lower my swim time to 15 minutes saving me 3 minutes on my overall time. When you focus on your weaknesses you improve the areas that have the most room for improvement. When you focus on your strengths you are focus on areas that do not have very much room for improvement.

A very important area to focus on is your transitions. You can gain a lot of time by focusing on your transitions. A lot of new triathletes don't realize how important your transition can be to your overall time. The most important thing is to remember where you set up your bike and gear. Nothing can waste more time than running around like a crazy person looking for your bike. The next step is to already have your biking shoes attached to your bike. That way you can take off with your feet on top of the shoes and put them on as you begin your ride. The final step is to already have your running shoes out ready for you when you return from the bike section.

Focusing on your weaknesses and working on your transitions can easily cut off a few minutes of your overall triathlon time. The most your work on these issues the more you will improve but training smart is always the most important thing to remember.