The History of Wing Chun Training


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The origin of wing chun training can be traced back to the turbulent, repressive Ching Dynasty 250 years ago. It was the time when 90% of chinese The Hons where ruled by the Manchu and the Tibetans which where the 10% minority. The oppressors governed the Hons with many unjust laws and restrictions. For instance, the female infants were compelled to bind their feet so that during their lifetime, they would be dependant upon their parents husbands or children. Many opportunities where limited to the Hons. Most of all, all Kung Fu practice was banned.

Then the Hons decided to organise a revolution, the Shaolin temple was selected as a secret training sanctuary. Five Grandmasters got together and through many brainstorming sessions, they developed the principles of Wing Chun kung fu which is based on economy of movement and scientific principles to improve the strategies of combat, as well the functions of body mechanics and mental sharpness. However, before it could be put into physical form, the Shaolin Temple was raided and four of the Grandmasters were arrested,

The only survivor of the original Grandmasters, a Buddhist nun Ng Mui continued to finish the development of the physical form of the system. Grandmaster Ng Mui passed on the wing chun secret to her only "closed door student" an orphan girl whom she named after this amazing kung Fu discipline- Wing Chun. For years it was kept in the family of Wing Chun until the world renowned Grandmaster Yip Man started to teach the art in Hong King in the 1950's. Then a young student named Bruce Lee came along to learn..and from there as they say the rest is history.

After beginning my wing chun training in 1996 I have developed a love and passion the system, its strategies and techniques. For more information please visit Wing Chun Training where you will find information for the beginner to the advanced martial artist.
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