The - Dare to Dream: The Soccer Number 10 lifestyle?


Dennis Lee
Staff member
Take the ball from the soccer number 10 player, and he will fight you back for it.
To the average soccer player the ball is just a piece of material but to the number 10 it's his soul. No man can live without his soul.

How bad do you want to win (put your name HERE)? ...
How dare you to Dream so High- they say?

Under the surface of it all, will you quit after a few No's!
Will you let the others take what you've worked for- No!

Can you look me into my eyes and Say, "I love soccer with my hole heart?"
Well Why do you love soccer?

Because of Money, or Fame?

No- I love soccer because at nights you Only Dream & Think Soccer.
You play not for money but For Honor' and 'Self'.

For you was with the ball the most out all of your teammates.
So the number 10 was given to you!

You've lost over a 100 games, you were hit, and pushed, you fell many times- But you have the eyes of the tiger to bounce back up and fight.

For you are forever hungry to fulfill your dreams.
No one wants it more than you do?

This is what makes soccer number 10 players.
You have some of these qualities (put your name here) get the rest and No one will take your dream from you.

~ inspiration from the Soccer Number 10 Mountain Top.