The Creed of Soccer Number 10

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Dennis Lee
Staff member
No soccer player is more skill or physically fit than I. I am a Soccer Number 10 “Skilliest of the Skill, Bravest of the Brave Player of HONOR- a Leader of soccer players!” As a Number 10 I know that I represent a legacy of great soccer number 10s, which are known as the backbone of soccer.

I will at all times conduct myself professionally under great pressure, so as to bring honor upon this noble game called soccer, my team and my country regardless of any situation in which I find myself.

I will never use my fame or number 10 to attain any political motives or to even disrespect anyone’s culture, race, country, religion or creed.

I am proud to be a soccer number 10.Deep within my heart burns my Divine source! This source is my secret elixir for: skill, creativity and talent. Without this Divine source I would be like unto a fool thinking and believing that it was just to have great coaches and great teams were all that I needed to make me a great soccer player!

“This Divine source it my strength
, my courage, my skill, and my hope to give them a game that they have never seen before!”

Discipline and skill are my concentration. My responsibilities as a number 10 will always be upper most within my mind and burning within my heart. To create great plays, to motivate and lift my team’s spirit at all times and to win honorably!

I will strive to be physically fit and healthy at all times by refraining from drugs or anything that will alters my mind and body's performance, even my soul will I protect!

All fans and soccer games need someone to lift the atmosphere, and I will provide this atmosphere by creating beautiful plays with my team or by myself when the going gets tough.

When ever my team lacks confidence during the game I will be their confidence or create it!

I know how to deal with defeat and victory!
With defeat I will study it to find the ‘whys, and the if I did.’ With victory I will just add another trophy and make the number 10 well respected in my circle.

I will not forget nor will I allow other number 10s to forget that we are – soccer number 10s “Skilliest of the Skill, Bravest of the Brave, Players of Honor,"- Soccer Number 10 - Leaders!


Written by Dennis Lee (after a dream)

Approved by Top Number 10 World Wide.

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Each time you read it it will Transform you "Try IT"

NB: "There is no word called ("Skilliest") in the English language so we coined the word."
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