Sunderland continue to bow out of the Premier League with a whimper


Colin Randall

Swansea City took a step closer to Premier League safety with an important away win over Sunderland. Swansea City sealed a much needed 3 points, but who will join Middlesbrough and Sunderland in the Championship next season? David Moyes has accepted Sunderland's fate, but reiterates his embarrassment on not delivering for Sunderland's fan-base. Sunderland's last home game of a 10-year Premier League stay ended in a dismal 2-0 defeat that gave no cause for optimism in the Wearsiders' Championship struggles to come. Mercifully there was no lap of honour from Sunderland at the end -- Moyes had said previously that players ought to be hanging their heads in shame instead -- following what was one of their most embarrassing, turgid performances of a rotten season. Referee Andre Marriner added to Sunderland's misery by denying a clear penalty...

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