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Meet the number 10 next door...!
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I must confess that during the mid 1960's whilst at boarding school, I played a prank when I noted our own Matron’s Marks and Spencer white satin panel girdles on her washing line billowing gently in the breeze. Clandestinely, I removed it and hoisted it up our particular flag pole. I made the mistake of bragging to other boys of my prank and an unknown school snitch reported my misdeed. Fortunately I was not expelled, however, our headmaster was furious and I was given six of the best with one of his canes over the seat of my own white Marks and Spencers "St Michael" underwear! I think in retrospect that I would also have been expelled had it not been that I was coming up to taking my final GCE "O" level exams. I have a further sneaking suspicion that despite my Head’s apparent fury, he did see some degree of humour in this youthful jaunt! Whatever, that caning was an excruciating punishment and experience.