Spurs emerge from Ajax defeat with hope -- something they didn't have after 30 minutes


Nick Miller

The FC's crew agree that an off-the-pace midfield was a bigger worry for Tottenham than missing key players in their loss to Ajax. Gab Marcotti was more impressed with Ajax's maturity and ability to manage a 1-0 result away from home than with their attacking prowess. LONDON -- For 25 minutes, Ajax appeared to be playing a different sport to Tottenham Hotspur. Their superiority was such, their passing so quick, their thoughts so clear, that if you'd offered most Spurs fans a 3-0 defeat after the first quarter of the game, plenty would have taken it. Spurs played as if they had been spun round a dozen times before they emerged onto the pitch, dazed and unsteady. Ajax made 132 accurate passes in the first 15 minutes. Spurs had 43. "For the first 20 minutes...

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