Son is proving that Tottenham are far more than 'the Harry Kane team'


Musa Okwonga

ESPN FC's Craig Burley believes Tottenham and Ajax will be the tie of the round, after both sides reached the semifinals in dramatic fashion. The FC panel credit Mauricio Pochettino and his Tottenham side for the way they handled adversity in the second leg against Manchester City. He scores early, he scores late; he scores at home, he scores away. Over two legs against Manchester City in the quarterfinal of the UEFA Champions League, Son Heung-Min gave a performance that perfectly summarised his entire season; he is a man for all moments, for all stages. Of several players' remarkable contributions to Tottenham Hotspur's European cause -- with a special mention, of course, for the often outstanding Harry Kane and Moussa Sissoko -- Son's is arguably the most extraordinary....

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