Soccer Number 10 Chapter 1 (From Book!)


Dennis Lee
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The Soccer Number 10 the best of the best. When we picture the Number 10s, we picture people who have displayed unparalleled dedication. These are the heroes of the sport—soccer’s most skilled, feared, respected, and well honored players.

This book was written with one ultimate goal in mind to help serious soccer players from all walks of life and all cultures improve their latent soccer skills. Understanding the secrets of the Number 10 will help you take your skills to the next level and beyond. Not only that, but the winner’s attitude of the Soccer Number 10 can be carried into each and every area of your life. You can be a Number 10 in your community, your career, and in your relationships, too. The Soccer Number 10 book will open your eyes to the myths and false concepts that even many good soccer coaches and players still teach and believe.

Soccer Number 10s are the players who have seen defeat from all angles. Then, they learn the secret of overthrowing this deadly beast! When you watch a Soccer Number 10 play, you can see their skill, bravery, heroism, and creativity shining through everything that they do. But their greatest quality is love—love for the great and noble game of soccer.

The Number 10 is not for the weak nor the faint of heart! It is, however, for all of those who dare to do, and dream, the impossible! Yet you only have one other alternative. If you don’t consciously make a decision to be a Number 10, then you are unconsciously making a decision to be average. Your choices are to be skilled, brave, and healthy, or to be unskilled, mediocre, and unhealthy. The old song was right: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice!â€

The Number 10 is not a birthright. It transcends race, nationality, or gender. You can’t buy it or sell it. The Number 10 is nothing less than a gift, a gift from the Divine. It’s a gift to the world, and it’s a gift to every soccer player. When the Divine inspires this level of love and excellence into anybody, for any pursuit, it brings hope to the world by demonstrating the best of what human beings can be.

Soccer’s greatest need is for those who will not be bought or sold. We need people who are true to their practices. We need those who refuse to corrupt their bodies or their minds with drugs. We need people of good conduct who will play from the heart instead of offering big, empty talk. We need people who will give 110%--both to training for the game and the game itself.

We need honorable, respectful people. We do not need more people who are disrespectful to officials and teammates. We don’t need more people who are on the field for fame and fortune instead of for love and honor.

So never be afraid to say: “No, we will not accept players with bad attitudes on this team.â€

With all of this in mind, I’m going to give you the core principles of Soccer Number 10s. This is the
credo of anyone who wants to be a Number 10. Memorize it. Adhere to it. Write it on your heart.

1. Seek spiritual aid before every game.

2. You must never worship yourself or your skills. Praise the Divine Source that has given you your skills! The Divine Source only gives good gifts, so always practice and play in the awareness that you are using a gift from the Divine Source.

3. You must always play to glorify that Divine Source.

4. Always remember that you are made from the Divine Source. The Divine Source shines, creates, and never dims.

5. Through words and actions, respect your officials, coaches, and opponents. You must do this even if they don’t respect you back, choosing to teach and lead by example.

6. Practice every day in both mind and body.

7. Share your skills and knowledge with your teammates. Be a mentor and a good example to others.

8. Always tell the truth, but avoid arguments.

9. Never boast.

10. Thank the Divine and your fans by celebrating great plays with them.

More follows....By Dennis Lee
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