Soccer footwork - Greats & why?


Dennis Lee
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Hello Number 10

I have a burning question that I really need your input with?

Your Help...!

This question is very simple for me to answer but i want to know your valued answer also.

Who are the masters of soccer footwork today and the legends?

Robinho, C.R7, Ronaldinho...and more?

  1. I have compiled a list of the finest with this art but I want to know your footwork masters of choice?
  2. Why you also think that your player is the best, and why their footwork skills got your attention?

You can post your response in this forum or post a video with yourself playing or demonstrating your favorite soccer footwork master's skills and tips.

NB: to post your video from youtube - just click on video link in navigation bar video.pngon the posting section of your new post..! then enter your youtube video link.

What is The Ultimate Footwork System..?

Base upon 5 years of the best soccer footwork masters and system every created...?

Dennis wants to Change the way you thought soccer footwork truly is..!!??
These drills will Cause a soccer footwork revolution..!

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You have seen Robinho destroy an army of defenders with his amazing footwork mastery...
Now you too will discover this Secret Art form.

Coming Soon Watch this Thread...?

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Dennis Lee
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If you want to discover some really cool soccer footwork skill then Watch this thread because i will allow only 15 persons to beta test the Ultimate Footwork System.

Post in thread if you want to test this system.


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Our youth grades in Wellington New Zealand would love to try the system



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