Ronaldo de Assis Moreira - The Showman


Dennis Lee
Staff member

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, more famously known as Ronaldinho, had some big shoes to fill in his home country of Brazil, a country known for their creative soccer. Even at a young age, he has made a name for himself and has earned his place in soccer history, and is already thought of as one of the most naturally talented players of his generation.

He was given the diminutive nickname of Ronaldhino because he is quite small, and was often by far the tiniest and youngest player on any team he played on. It is said that he honed his skills by playing on the beach and by playing futsal almost every moment of his childhood.

His older brother also played professional soccer, so Ronaldhino was always surrounded by the game. Even when he was little, it was obvious that he was a superstar material. When he was 13, he lit it up and scored all 23 goals of a 23-0 victory! That got him a lot of attention and jump started his career, which has since lead to being twice named the FIFA World Player of the Year, once in 2004 and once in 2005.

Ronadhino is a joy to watch play. He always plays with a big smile on his face, and makes the most incredible dribbling moves look effortless. He looks like he dances when he dribbles, and his passing is impeccable.

He is great on set pieces, and has a way of getting any ball around defensive walls.