Ronaldinho Magic Passes


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Ronaldinho Magic Passes


Timing a pass perfectly is crucial. Even if a pass is executed perfectly, it can go wrong if it is made too soon or too late. Timing is a responsibility shared by both receiver and passer. The receiver must make himself available to receive a pass and the player with the ball must time the pass precisely.

Tips and Techniques on Soccer Passing

One of the most important things to know is soccer passing. Everyone likes to see great dribbling skills, long range shots and flying headers but all professionals know that in order to make this all happen, you need to know how to pass the ball. Most players, when they receive the ball, will think about passing to an open team-mate. Good passing requires good technique and involves making the right decision at the right time.

A player in possession of the ball should have a a range of passing options open to him. He has to assess all options and decide which is the right pass to make. Depending on how fast the defenders close you down, you may have alot of time to decide, but sometimes you have no time at all.

The game is all about getting the ball into advanced positions. If a forward pass is on, that should be the preferred option. However, if a sideways pass or a backwards pass means that you won't lose the ball then these can be valuable too.

Great soccer players have great awareness of what is going on around them, even before they receive the ball. That way they can make decisions quicker giving them the edge.
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true passing is one of the most important things. I 've been playing a little soccer and have realized. Many people think that this is probably the easiest part but this is another skill in soccer that must be developed. Ronaldinho is really good at it!


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I can almost not believe sometimes the way this guy passes. probably the most unique style of passing, completely confusing the whole opposing team for a second giving the other team an edge to score


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this video really shows some crazy moves that ronaldinho can make while passing the ball, it shows how a player can utilize the optionz around him