Pele the " Soccer ICON "


Dennis Lee
Staff member
Few Soccer number 10 players are as iconic as Pele from Brazil. He is the all-time leading scorer for the Brazil National Team (not an easy feat!), and is the only soccer player in the world to have participated on three championship World Cup teams.

Pele played as an inside second forward. His amazing technique and natural athleticism have been universally praised for being levels above all of the rest. He was renowned for his excellent dribbling and passing, his pace, powerful shot, exceptional heading ability, and creative way of being able to score out of the most unlikely opportunities.

Pele grew up in the slums of Brazil, near Sao Paolo. He worked as a servant in tea shops, and never had enough money to buy shoes or a proper ball. He would play with a grapefruit, of a sock stuffed with newspaper! Throughout his glamorous soccer career which brought him much international celebrity, this admirable number 10 player never forgot his policies trying to improve the social conditions of the poor kids in Brazil. In fact, he dedicated his 1000th goal to these kids, and is a national hero in Brazil.

Brazil cherished him so much, in fact, that they would not allow him to play internationally in his prime. Many club teams wanted to sign him, such as Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United, but the government of Brazil declared Pele an "official national treasure" to prevent him from being transferred out of the country. He played 17 seasons with the club team Santos in Brazil.

Two years after he retired, he returned to play for the New York Cosmos. Even though he was well past his prime he is credited for bringing much public awareness to soccer in the US, and inspired millions of little kids to love the game soccer as much as he did.