Pacing style of playing the Game...!


Dennis Lee
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Number 10 players are important for so many reasons. Because of how many touches they usually get on the ball during the game, they contribute so much to how the game is played.

If they want to see the game being played at more of a fast pace, they can quickly distribute the ball from the midfield and explosively follow up. If they want the game to slow down and become more relaxed or they feel the need to get things under control, they can hold the ball and play one touch passing until the rest of the team can organize themselves.

They can also set the stage for how physically a game will be played. If the other players see a number 10 player going in hard and aggressively on tackles, they may follow suit. If the number 10 player is playing more conservatively than normal, possibly because of the style of refereeing, the other players on the team will take notice also.

The number 10 player will also have a lot of control over the attitudes of the players. He is usually the middleman between the players and the coaches and the referees. He will usually be the one to deliver a message to the team. If he is complaining a lot about terrible refereeing and fighting with the ref, the other players will probably become mad also and the whole situation can easily get out of hand. But if he can communicate to his players what the ref is saying in a calm and respectful way, the other players will probably listen.
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