One Soccer Number 10 stood against many..!


Dennis Lee
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We Can't be touch, Can't be stop, Can't be Moved, can't be rock, can't be shook
We are Soccer Number 10s

For we might lose many games, and some might cause you to lose hope in your teammates, you might even curse and say things that you should not say!

You might display weaknesses within your soccer number 10 character
as your opponents and fans watches you, as the soccer number 10 on the field!

They all want to see if you are worthy to wear this great soccer number 10 number upon your back or can you even lead your teammate to victory? Or will you be able to work miracles like the soccer number 10 legends that they know who wear this number 10.

But remember this as a soccer number 10, they might beat us, and laugh during the game. You might feel your soul shaking because of these sudden feelings of defeat! Worst you don’t have any help from your teammates because they have given up and they have called the game a lost. (The average soccer players)

(We are not average soccer players - We are soccer number 10 -leaders.)

But not I because I am a soccer number 10, and I believe in a different type of soccer. So, I must stand my ground, and play as if the game is 0-0 and I am still hungry to score!

This is what we do; we are always hungry to score!

Because even if they should win the (fans) people watching this game will always remember that one (Soccer number 10) stood against many, and face defeat boldly and hold his ground, and pave his name into their memories as a soccer number 10 hero forever by lifting high the flag of the soccer number 10 legends (very high) so that the entire soccer world remembers us.

(Diego Forlan did this in the South Africa World cup 2010)

Just hold your ground- as a soccer number 10
this is what we do!

So we must stand our ground and play like soccer number 10s

Dennis Lee

Please post reply a game that you held your Ground in as a soccer number 10; I like these types of soccer stories!
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roberto mejia

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number 10s are the backbone of the team and without them the games would have a diffrent outcome. in this ronaldihno does a very good job


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