One Month to Live - (Soccer Drama) Amazing Audio


Dennis Lee
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What if you had One Month to Live..?

Doctor told you, "Just play your last soccer game and that is it."

How would you play that last game?

Would you even play it?

Well if you were in the number 10 you better play...!

Because your community / soccer team/ country would be in chaos..!

Listen this Soccer Number 10 amazing audio..
Then apply tips in your NEXT game.




It's a heartwarming story. It's family values. It's leadership. It's everything that we should have here," Mark Vannucci said as he watched on a TV at a restaurant in New York's Times Square. His wife, Susan, said: "Instead of those guys in the mine turning on each other, they worked together, they bonded."

The riveting images of the men being brought to the surface to see the sun, breathe fresh air and hug their loved ones for the first time in two months were broadcast live to millions of people in the U.S. and across much of the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa throughout the night and during the day.



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hello dennis
this audio really touched my heart,Since i started playing soccer i would pray to god to help me be a good soccer player and play on a good club so that i can help out sick people and the needed that dont have money,i myself dont have alot of money either but i know im not poor bcus ive seeen people in the tv with no shoes no shirts and nothing to eat and whenever i think of these things my eyes get watery and i feel like crying but i will try my outmost best to be in a good club to be able to help out all these needy people in the world.Thank you very much for posting this thing here in the best soccer website in the world:)


Dennis Lee
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Your heart is not far from the soccer number 10 ways Valdo #10

The number 10 is a compassionate player that love, and shine, even if he fails to win the game
because: "He lost one this time to win the game that matters the most in the future?" But by understanding his character
he will know how to act when victory visit him/her!

The heart is what matters the most Valdo, then skill and everything else follows (will come to you as you move forward to claim your dreams!)