Number 10 Failure in South Africa World Cup 2010


Dennis Lee
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I have seen it all : from Kaka, Messi they both made the number 10 a small and less popular number for this world cup 2010.

what do you think about their performance?

post below.


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Yes, absolutely correct. Number 10 jersey players were failed to contact their performances in this world Cup. Brazilian Kaka, Argentinean Messi was flop in 2010, World cup football. Bad luck! I wish they will come back their performance in next 2014, World cup football in Brazil. Thanks.


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More about the World Cup ball from Will Graham: 'I would like to voice my opinion in relation to Eamonn and John's comments earlier regarding the new World Cup football.

'This football is now widely available at any sports store and I have personally experienced the use of this ball during an amature football match in UCD last night.

'I have to strongly agree with Eamonn on this one. The ball is a disgrace, even at Sunday league level. Describing it as something similar to a beach ball is not an exaggeration. This opinion was felt by everyone playing last night and was reflected at half time when the ball was disregarded in favour of a Euro 2008 replica ball. Simply put the new ball is far too light.'



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