No Lucky Charms Needed- Play Your Best Soccer Game!


Dennis Lee
Staff member

Playing Your Best Soccer Game!

I did this audio to answer some questions that soccer number 10 members were constantly facing within their soccer career!

I hope that these soccer number 10 tips were helpful to you and I also hope that they will help to shape your soccer life toward the true path of the soccer number 10 player and life style!



The first 35 minutes were a disappointment, with neither side able to provide any kind of penetration. Bucs enjoyed the majority of possession put pressure on the Brazilians’ defence whenever Daine Klate and Ruben Cloete combined down the left, but too often the final ball was lacking.

The match finally came to life in the 35th minute when – almost out of nowhere – Pirates took the lead. Mbuyane took advantage of some a defensive lapse from a throw-in and Ezenwa Otorogu’s lay-off to fire a beautiful long-range shot past Calvin Marlin.

Sundowns were disappointing and only managed their first shot on target in the 40th minute, but Moeneeb Josephs hung onto Franklin Cale’s free-kick.