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Have you been searching for ways to monetize your website and blog traffic from search engines? Chitika Premium Ads offer publishers a way to monetize traffic arriving on their blog from search engines. What I particularly like about the Chitika Premium Ads is that it works well with Google Adsense on the same page.

Chitika recently added a new 'mega unit' to their Premium ads. This ad unit is a 550×255 pixel sized ad - and results from publishers reveal that there is a significant increase in earnings as a result of using the mega unit rather than their smaller ad units.
Now let share with you how you can monetize your blog's search traffic and maximize your results with Chitika:

1. Join the Chitika Ad Network:

If you're not yet a part of the Chitika ad network, go to the chitika website (link below). Under "Web Publishers" section, click on "Sign Up Now."

2. Choose the Right Ad Unit for Your Traffic:

Different ads work better for different types of traffic. Choose the ad unit size that best suit your blog.

3. Check Your Traffic:

Chitika Premium ads work extremely well on US/Canada search engine traffic. They use a new behavioral targeting engine and have a great CTR and eCPM. But for those who do not get a significant amount of US/Canada search engine traffic, you can as well use the eMiniMalls, MPU, and Linx. The ads showing on the unit relate to the search keywords that the person arriving on your site searched for - this significantly increases the chance that they'll find the ads relevant to them and click on it.

4. Customize Your Ad:

Nobody is going to click on an ugly ad. Chitika ads work best when they match up with the rest of the content on your page. So, you need to customize the colours and fonts of all your ad units.

5. Ads Placement:

One of the biggest factors that can affect the performance of your Chitika ads is where you place the unit on your page. Testing has found out that this ad unit is converting best if you place the unit on your page, above your contents (i.e., right above or below your article titles). It can also perform well below your contents. Since this ad is only visible to your search engine visitors, an aggressive placement of your ads won't annoy loyal readers.

6. Name Your Chitika Ads:

Want to know which of your Chitika ad units are generating the most revenue for you? Chitika offers you the ability to name the various ad units on your site. You can specify your own channel names, so you can set meaningful names like "480x120 Centre Unit" or "Services Page". This allows you to track the performances of your Chitika ad units by names you define.

7. Earn from Your Referrals:

When someone clicks on the Chitika link at the top right of your Chitika Ad, signs up, and is approved, you will be on your way to earning 10% of what they earn for the first 15 months!

If you're looking to make money from your blog, I think Chitika ads is a great option for you. So, if you have not yet joined the Chitika Ad Network -

So are you ready to start a blog or join Chitika ad network and make some Money online?
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