Kaka will play for Real Madrid

So, it is now official. Kaka will play for Real Madrid next season. It wasn’t really a transfer saga, as it was concluded rather quickly, but it is without a doubt one of/if not the biggest transfer of the summer. The fee isn’t confirmed yet but it’s speculated to be around 68 million euro. Kaka amassed 193 appearances and 70 goals in his six years with the rossoneri and won 1 Scudetto, 1 Champions League, 1 FIFA World Club Cup, and 2 SuperCups (UEFA and Italian). It’s hard to imagine Milan without Kaka, and it seems like only yesterday that an unknown Brazilian youngster was signed by Milan to be an understudy to Rui Costa and exploded onto the world football scene.

It seemed as if Kaka would be Milan’s flagship player for years to come, and Paolo Maldini even said that he saw Kaka as his natural replacement for the captaincy. But when Milan saw those gigantic offers, first from Manchester City in January and now from Real Madrid, they had to take them into consideration. Here’s what Kaka said at his press conference:

“I wanted to stay on at Milan, but the global economic crisis has affected many clubs, especially those like Milan that run as a business. I spoke with the directors and we agreed that the transfer would be in everybody’s interests at this moment in time.â€

So Kaka moves on, Milan moves on, calcio moves on. It’s never nice to see a big superstar leave Serie A, but what can you do.