Kaka - a good person and player


The character of a football player is very important. Even though Messi might be my favorite plyer, kaka is also one of my favorites. Simply because. he is agood person, I recently started following him on twitter and I can say that he is a great human being.


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I haven't been a soccer fan for a very long time but and I can say for sure that I am a big Kaka fan for quite some time. I have heard about some of the things that he has done and it's just amazing. I agree a good sportman is one who not only has skill but also a good character to go with that.


The character of a football player is very important. Even though Messi might be my favorite plyer, kaka is also one of my favorites. Simply because. he is agood person, I recently started following him on twitter and I can say that he is a great human being.
I've been following kaka as well. He is without a doubt my favorite player as well and he definitely is a very good person.

Samba boys!


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I have to agree with messi10 about the importance of soccer player's character. That is why the soccer number 10 player must watch this avenue (character building). I also want you all to see the importance of many of the number 10 within soccer!

How their good/bad character can break our hearts or even lift up our spirits!
but as a soccer number 10 player member reading this i hope that you remember this post

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I have to agree with messi10 about the importance of soccer player's character. That is why the soccer number 10 player must watch this avenue (character building). I also want you all to see the importance of many of the number 10 within soccer!

How their good/bad character can break our hearts or even lift up our spirits!
but as a soccer number 10 player member reading this i hope that you remember this post

READ THis LINK =>>> The Characteristics of a Soccer number 10 player
Thanks for sharing this link. This is an important read for those are soccer players especially for those who are aspiring to be professionals. the skill may be important but at the same time character is equally important nd some times even more important


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