In the NHL, there are so many players

In the NHL, there are so many players, and there are so many great players, may be this is a opening problem that who is the best player.
Every player has his fans, so all the fans think that their odor is the best and the greatest player. And there I have the five greatest players list, you can make a judgement. Do you understand "The good One"? inside world of hockey, that could only refer to Wayne Gretzky. even though Gretzky has retired from the NHL, his abilities and adore for the online game live on in today's NHL teams, which include the Calgary Flames. even though Gretzky was arguably the most significant NHL player inside league's history, he is among the best belonging to the greatest which have actually played certified hockey: (The imformation is offered by ===nfl jerseys china===.)
1.Wayne Gretzky
Four Stanley Cups
Nine-time NHL MVP
Jersey number (#99) permanently retired throughout NHL
More than 60 NHL records
NHL all-time leading scorer
Two Canada Cup MVPs
Gordie Howe
Howe played the most games in the NHL's history.
Eleven different Halls of Fame have inducted Howe.
3. Mario Lemieux
Lemieux had amazing speed and elegance on the ice。He earned the nickname "Super Mario" during his hockey career. Lemieux won two Stanley Cups, and retired with 613 goals and 881 assists. He also won the hockey gold medal at the 2002 Winter Olympics, representing Canada.
4. Bobby Orr
Orr earned the highest salary of any NHL rookie in history。Orr led the Boston Bruins to two NHL Stanley Cup championships (1970, 1972), while he won the defenseman MVP eight consecutive years
5. Maurice "Rocket" Richard
Richard became famous for his goal-scoring and hard-hitting on the ice. He led his team, the Montreal Canadians, to an impressive eight NHL championships. One of Richard's greatest feats during his career was racking up 50 goals in 50 NHL games.
The above are the five players for you chooes, you can choose one of them as your favourate player.
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