How to use Anger in Soccer Well (Not edited)


Dennis Lee
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I did this audio one day, it was not edited. Please disregard it ..!
A friend told me that it was really cool..!

Post your response to what you think about the Anger.


How to use Anger in Soccer Well (Not edited)


I bought FIFA 11 on 360 but I didn't like the gameplay changes. It was too fast, too easy to make tackles, and overall it just didn't have the flow of FIFA South Africa.

So I decided to give FIFA 11 PC a shot. I just bought it and played a few games and here are some of my observations:

1) Lag: I had lag with vertical sync on but once I turned it off, the game ran very smooth (with some screen tearing which is to be expected). I'm running it on Windows 7 64 bit (not on compatibility mode.

2) Gameplay: Feels very similar to FIFA WC South Africa. I did see some animations I haven't seen before. But overall the experience is almost identical to South Africa. Note: the menu is from FIFA 2010 and there's no new penalty engine nor the GK mode.