How to take the inswinging free kick


Dennis Lee
Staff member
Ever wanted to take a curving free kick like David Beckham or Roberto Carlos? Here’s a few tips on taking the inswinging free kick.

1. Look at the goal and pick your spot. While this may sound redundant, there are cases where players just choose to opt for power instead and never pick their spot, thus making the ball hitting the wall or end up in the crowd. The advantage of picking a spot is so that you can visualize and have a mental image about how your kick will be taken and how the ball trajectory will be.

2. Put the ball on the spot and make sure the valve is facing towards you. This will make the ball go faster and more direct. The science behind this probably is because the weakest area of the ball is at the valve, thus, kicking it at the valve will make the ball more compact as the air have no where to escape during impact. There is no research done to prove this.

3. Put your non-kicking foot beside the ball. This will act the the base for the kick to be taken and the foot will held all the pressure during the free kick. So, by placing your foot beside the ball, this will reduce the chances of a mis-kick and make sure the kick is properly connected.

4. Kick the ball with your insole. This will give the bend to the ball upon kicking it. Try the distal third of the insole first before going more inwards. Failures are guaranteed the first few times but practice make perfect.

5. Lower the center of gravity upon kicking. If you see replays of Beckham or Ronaldinho free kick, you can see how low they slouch down when they took the kick. Just a slight bend of the supporting foot knee would suffice. Be sure to spread both your arms as they will give balance during the kick and ensure that you don’t fall down. Players such as Cristiano Ronaldo seldom lowers his center of gravity but the ball still go fast and curving downwards right? I believe, this is a technique revolutionized by Juninho Pernambucano who plays for Olympique Lyon previously. Most managers are sighing a sense of relief now that he’s gone to Qatar because Juninho free kick has a very high percentage of free kick accuracy. Now, by opting to go for accuracy, players doesn’t need to stoop down low to lower their center of gravity. Now, this kind of free kick is a different topic altogether.

6. Make sure to really retract your kicking leg during kicking. Since it requires a lot of power to bend a ball, this action is a must to ensure that the ball bend. A ball kicked without suffice power will go into orbit without bending.

7. Practice, practice, practice. Beckham practices thousands of time before achieving his famous free kick. I’m sure you will to.