How to prevent Soccer/football broken leg (injuries)


Dennis Lee
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Watch this Training / Preventive VIDEO first

It is very painful to break a leg while playing soccer or football as is called within Europe!
Please watch video carefully and take a few reasons why you can get your leg broken within a simple game of soccer/football.

1. Pay attention to the angles of attack by the person who is trying to break your leg.

2. TRY never to get into a trying to clear the soccer ball and accidentally set up your self to get your own leg broken.

3. Always watch out for these positions and angles that were disclosed within video above!

(I know that this video will help you to reduce this painful danger within soccer)

This is what Can happen...! (PAINFULLY)

As a soccer number 10 private coach /author and Trainer - Please study this Video Well...!
Let no one Set you up or no team For this Painful EVENT...
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