How to Make Money with CJ (Commission Junction)


Dennis Lee
Staff member
Well I found out what I was doing wrong I was selling not promoting. If you try to sell people on commission junction ads then they will just click off of your location . I have now promote the products and don't say anything about them on my own location .

This way they're just their to fill white spots on the page and when folks are attracted to an ad they will click on it. I think this is the best way to get sales and it has actually worked for me the final 4 weeks.

I went from not getting any sales in over 2 years to making $10 per day and then 1 week ago I went from making around $35 per day to one night where I made $1638. that was a big difference from where I used to be and I am not going to switch from it.

I also learned that no every product is going to sell, so if I just change my own ads around each couple weeks the location will have a new feel to it and a new product to sell. Sometimes if you get the same visitors to your site then you won't be able to sell them the same product they already bought, you'll need a unused thing to sell them.

Make sure that when you're alert to sell stuff on CJ that you've your site all set up and getting decent traffic. If you have beneath 100 unique visitors per day you'll have a tough time converting anyone to buyers, raise your traffic and that will increase your income.

Article by By Adam Snyder
How to make money with commission junction - CJ