How to Identify

When you purchase wholesale NFL Jerseys online, you must have the trouble to distinguish authentic NFL jerseys from the replica ones. Here, I want to give you some tips.
Take a look in the patches and at the numbers featured in the jerseys. If the jersey is original and authentic, the numbers will be sewn on. This rule is not only applied to the border numbers but also to the entire numbers. Authentic NFL jerseys will have some sort of shadowing numbers. Replica NFL jerseys will have the similar shadowing along with an additional black border around the rest of the numbers. Such shadowing number will also be screen printed. NFL jerseys with stitched number are seemed to be expensive. This is the reason why it is joked that the more costly your jersey, the more authentic it is.
Compared with replica NFL jerseys, authentic NFL jerseys come in vibrant colors and patterns. Anyway, it is quite difficult to distinguish replica and original NFL jerseys since replica looks very decent when it is not directly compared to the original. If you find the color a bit flat, it is the first red flag to proceed with caution. If you fail to find the replica, check the official logo of NFL. All official jerseys will include its company logo as a sign of legitimacy. Generally NFL jerseys are available at respective official stores. Hence, there is no reason to check for the authenticity of the jersey.