How to catch the ball on neck in soccer


How to catch the ball on neck in soccer

Intro to catch a ball on the neck in soccer
To catch a ball on the back of your neck doesn’t have to be so hard. Just follow these steps and you will be just fine.

1) First, you need to make it sure to pop the ball up to the right height which is about 20 inches above your head. This height should be enough so that you can get your head under the ball while you are still standing.

However, sending the ball higher than 20 inches will cause it to fall faster which will make it pretty hard to catch the ball. Remember, the lower the ball is, the easier it will be to catch it on your neck.

2) When you think that the ball have reached its highest point, you should duck your head under it and also try to bend at your waist. Keep your eyes looking forward and try to match the speed of the ball at first contact.

3) If you have executed this move properly the ball won’t bounce off your neck and you should be able to catch it smoothly. To keep the ball lie on your neck you should try to shrug your shoulders and push the blades of your shoulder back slightly. By doing this you will create a hole for the ball and it will be steady there as long as you keep this position.

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