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Hello soccer number 10 members my name is ovaldo im from south texas and i love soccer! when i grow up i would like to be a famous soccer player!
If there is a will there is a way:)


Dennis Lee
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"If there is a will there is a way!"

Great job, and well stated. Many soccer players thinks that it is skill that makes them become a great soccer player.

What do you think - skill or the will to fight the battle until the end without quitting?

Honestly, skill really isn't a factor to become a great soccer player!
You have seen many soccer players who are all very skillful but they have NO WILL to fight and they QUIT to soon.

As a Soccer number 10 player - it is your duty to take your talents, what so ever they are and make them work even if you go to 100 try- outs and get 100 no's.

What you will discover will shock you!

The 100 no's will prove that you are hungry for the job, and your persistence will land
you into a team that can make your goals come true.

But if you should Quit too soon you will blame others and yourself for your soccer failure forever!

Take the journey- and never quit until you are what you want?

Your dream will be after the next 100 failures..!!!???

Just follow your heart.

You Can only Fail when you quit. If you never quit you will only find out what doesn't work!
So by finding out what doesn't work you will be narrowing your chances for success down to what will work."