Have you Ever Seen an UGLY Soccer Number 10 Player? - Where?


Dennis Lee
Staff member
Let us face it.

You have never seen an Ugly Soccer Number 10 player in soccer before.

Have you?

In this audio podcast Dennis - trash talk about Ronaldinho's Bugs Bunny front teeth.

1. He talks about female soccer players taking over soccer from the male players.

2. Why Soccer Number 10 players are very attractive even though they are UGLY.?

3. Why female players and male soccer player are always attracting beautiful
ladies for the males while female are attracting handsome male partners!

4. Why Dennis is so real & straight forward with the Soccer Number 10 players..?

This is another crazy podcast from Dennis: listen, laugh, enjoin.

To your Soccer Number 10 success...!




he so-called “art of tackling” is great and all, but what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

As someone who loves winning, I think players who can’t tackle are better for a side than players who can win the ball perfectly well.

I honestly believe that at Arsenal there is too much emphasis on doing things the right way. Who cares if you tackle the right way or not? A good tackle only wins you the ball, but we need to aim higher than just winning a ball, we are Arsenal FC and our aim should be to win trophies. The lack of ambition at the club is startling.