'Happy Days' Tom Bosley dies at 83


Dennis Lee
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Tom Bosley dies at 83

Celebrity website TMZ.com and Access Hollywood are reporting that actor Tom Bosley has died at 83.

Bosley famously starred on the television series "Happy Days."

TMZ reports that family members said Bosley had been battling a staph infection.
"I saw him before I ever got to Hollywood on Broadway, and he was great," former "Happy Days" co-star Henry Winkler told TMZ. "And then I got to act with him for 10 years and he was great. Tom Bosley was our mentor. He was a true artist."


'Happy Days' Tom Bosley dies at 83


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After ‘Happy Days’ ended its run in 1984, Bosley went on to star in such series as ‘Murder, She Wrote’ (playing Sheriff Amos Tupper) and ‘The Father Dowling Mysteries’ (as the titular crime-solving clergyman).

His most recent TV appearances included ‘One Tree Hill’ and ‘That ’70s Show,’ and he also can be seen in the big-screen Jennifer Lopez comedy ‘The Back-Up Plan.’

Bosley is survived by his second wife, Patricia Carr, and a daughter, Amy.



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