For 3 improbable rounds of final spring's playoffs

For 3 improbable rounds of final spring's playoffs, there wasn't just one participant inside League who was as risky an offensive hazard as Michael Cammalleri.
The puck just came out to adhere to the Montreal Canadiens sniper everywhere he went, and with incredible frequency, Cammalleri created certain that puck created its way for the back again within the net a League-best 13 occasions in 19 games.
So when he was enquired Monday if he's searching forward to re-capturing the beauty of final season's operate for the Eastern Conference Finals, it will be only organic to assume Cammalleri to say yes. Except he didn't.
"Hopefully not," was Cammalleri's response Monday to some query he was enquired about a dozen occasions inside a dozen various ways. "I'd prefer to acquire a Stanley Cup."
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