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Dennis Lee
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One of the best ways to monetize a web site , and among the minimum known, is lead generation, which is actually a highly lucrative form of affiliate marketing, but is used by relatively several online marketers. Here's how lead generation works. Listen up - this information is golden! Monetizing a website by becoming a CPA affiliate is very, very easy .

You sign up with one of the 50 or so CPA Networks that are available online, drive traffic to the custom landing pages they provide, and get paid whenever a site visitor fills out and submits a form. That is really all there's to it. A CPA network is a clearing abode that brings advertisers and publishers together.

The advertiser provides a custom landing page and form, pays the network commission for making it available to affiliates, and the affiliates in turn are paid for driving traffic and generating signups. CPA stands for "cost per action", and in this case, the action is the site visitor filling out the form. Compare this to traditional affiliate marketing, and you'll see the beauty of it quickly.

Done right, it is a much easier and more lucrative way to monetize a website. A traditional affiliate must acquire traffic, do a good job of "pre-selling" the product, and send visitors on to the vendor location through an affiliate link, hoping to generate one thing like 1% to 5% sales, which in turn is highly dependent on the quality of the vendor's sales letter and product. If the vendor does a poor job of selling on the sales location , or has an over-priced or poorly received product, the affiliate has spent a lot of time, and maybe money, for very small return.

A CPA affiliate, on the other hand, has a much easier job of things. He or he must still acquire traffic, either by paying for it, or by putting together a well-optimized site that gets good search engine placement for certain key words. At that point, however, the CPA affiliate's job is nearly complete.

The next step is for the location visitor to fill out a form requesting some sort of information. Keep in mind, this does not entail the visitor getting out hers or her wallet, or making a decision to spend any money. All it entails is that the visitor request free information and donate his or him title and email address, and maybe a physical address. You, as the CPA affiliate, get paid even though your site visitor has yet to purchase anything.

You are getting paid for a LEAD, not a sale. Many folks have no idea how huge and lucrative lead generation is, and not a clue the kind of money that certain businesses will pay for a good lead. Things like mortgage and insurance leads, in particular, are very, very valuable, as are credit card leads. But even one thing as seemingly inexpensive as a cell phone ring tone can bring you a nice commission per lead.


These lead purchasers are planning on maximizing the long-term worth of a customer. In the case of a mortgage, one lead can generate a commission of thousands of dollars to a mortgage broker. An insurance or credit card account is worth recurring commissions potentially for many, many years.

Even a ring tone lead has a long-term worth , since the vendor will continue to market to that person over and over again, selling them many times what it cost to acquire them as a customer. CPA is big , large business, and one of the best ways there's to monetize your web location .

If you are looking for easy and lucrative ways to monetize a web location , CPA affiliation might be your response . To really do well at CPA, you need to learn how to use traffic generation methods like Google Adwords effectively, but in the long run, CPA is distant easier and more profitable than traditional affiliate marketing.

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