Bobby Moore - The Engand's Lion.


Dennis Lee
Staff member
You can't talk about English soccer without bringing up Bobby Moore.


Both Pele and Franz Beckenbauer called him the greatest defender they had ever seen.
That's saying something!

After being the youngest captain in the history of his club team West Ham United, he had the honor of captaining the English team that ended up going all the way in 1966 and winning the World Cup final. When he ended up retiring in 1973, he had the most caps for English soccer at the time at 108. (David Beckham just broke this record last year with 109).


After England won the 1966 World Cup, he was awarded the exclusive BBC Sports Personality of the Year. He was the first soccer player in history to receive this honor.
Moore is famous for a lot, but probably nothing is as remembered as a tackle he had in a game against Brazil. It is still referenced to this day, decades later, as being the most perfect, precise tackle in the history of the sport.

Although he contributed much to the sport of soccer, in his life he unfortunately experienced much drama. He was famously accused of theft from a jewelry store in Colombia, was fined various times for public drunkenness, and dealt with kidnapping threats of his wife.

Towards the end of his career, he played in the US for two different teams, the San Antonio Thunder in 1976 and the Seattle Sounders in 1978.

Moore died at the young age of 51 of bowel cancer, but he left behind a legacy that greatly impacted the sport of soccer.