Bobby Moore Captain of England and West Ham United

Bobby Moore Captain of England and West Ham United.

Qualities that made Bobby Moore the perfect Captain and Leader.

1. Charisma - 'born leader', 'transcendentl authority', people stopped talking when he came in the room, everyone copied him. This quality is hard to define. It is arguably something some people are born with and cannot consciously be learnt.

2. Led by example - on the pitch. Bobby was without question, a World class defender admired by other footballers all over the World (most famously Pele).

3. Led by example - off the pitch. 'Cool, calm, professional' are words that often appear in relation to Bobby. The public loved his appearance and good looks. He was fastidious about his appearance in public and privately. He was fashionable and a model professional. He even survived several scandals with his reputation largely in tact.

4. An ambassador. He was at ease with dignitaries, and the Captain's role extended beyond that of a regular footballer.

5. Composure. He was unflappable under pressure, a quality that spreads calm throughout the team. If the leader is confident others with be, too.

6. Identified with team mates. Whilst often described as 'one of the lads', I believe Bobby successfully drew the line between not being 'aloof', yet always maintaining respect.

7. Authority. He was unquestionably the leader, everybody accepted this, and it went unchallenged throughout his career.

8. He took responsibility. Bobby didn't makes excuses, or blame others for his mistakes. He could rally the team when the chips were down.

9. Ambitious. He wanted to be captain, he wanted to win, again this can be infectious and will pass from the leader throughout the team.

10. Teacher. Bobby is often described as taking young players under his wing and nuturing the talents of up and coming players. He didn't selfishly keep his talents to himself.

11. Successful. He had the greatest footballing c.v. imaginable - captain of a World Cup winning side!!! A proven track record doubtless increased his status amongst his team.

Coluña (Portugal) and Bobby Moore (England)
captains in the 1966 World Cup Finals



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