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    Funny referee

    This video is just hilarious with a really funny referee hilarious
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    Keep you eyes open

    While playing defense or offense, the skill of passing the ball is very important. Some times people underestimate this skill. It is important to keep your eyes open for all the players and see who is the nearest player who is open and pass to the player
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    Barcelona vs Manchester United

    Check out this video where Messi of Barcelona scores against Manchester United
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    Messi vs ARsenal

    Here we see messi go against arsenal and he makes it look easy while he is doing it
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    Dynamic stretching

    Here is a video showing dynamic stretching, this is done after warm up and will further activate the muscles before playing a football game
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    Positioning is one of the most important parts of the goalkeepers job, he must make sure that he covers his territory well, sometimes its better to stand too close to the line and at other times a bit further depending on the situation.
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    Training - wing chun

    Here is a video of wing chun training that you might want to se
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    messi - Freestyle

    Messi just doing around with the football a little bit showing some freestyle skills
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    3 of the best

    here is a video showing different skills from three great footballers, messi, ronaldo and robinho
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    Cristano Ronaldo freestyle

    Cristiano ronaldo in this video goes freestyle while playing in football games. this guy and really do some sick tricks
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    Learn how to kick

    Here is a nice video that you can see and learn how to kick a football properly
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    Sprinting activties

    Here are some really cool sprinting activities that can be done have someone throw the ball towards you to control and the sprint run backwrds for a couple of yard and then turn nd sprint do push ups or even squats before sprinting
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    The best way to increase the speed for playing soccer is by doing 10-20 yard sprints. It is always to do this in a group, so what happens is that when 2 or 3 of you are spriniting it becomes an interesting activity to sprint against each other
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    Good diet

    One of the most important things that any sportperson especially a soccer player must take care of is their diet. Many people may think that this is somehow strange but the best diet is having several smaller meals throughout the day. This really helps because you won't eat too much and will...
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    Zidane or platini

    Both these men are the best that france has had. Zidane and platini, but who do you think is the better one. I think Zidane was better Because Zidane was a more focus number 10 platini never won a world cup...! even though he played soccer like a soccer god..!
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    Rooney goals

    rooney is one of the best players england has here are some of Rooney's best goals
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    Changing direction

    While you are dribbling the ball sometimes the defender may try to take the ball from you, might want to change the direction you are moving in. You will move away from the direction that the opponent is and make sure that you have enough space to make the turn
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    Don't look at the ball

    Many new learners when learning how to dribble make the mistake of looking at the ball. You must not do that. If you look at the ball you won't know who is in front of you or where you are heading. It is better to learn how to dribble slowly and look up while you are doing it.
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    Dribbling the ball

    This is probably one o fthe most important skills every footballer must know. No matter what your role is in the team, you must have the most basic knowledge, that is, you must know how to dribble the ball. Most coaches nowadays, don't focus too much on this skill as they focus more on team...
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    Funny football

    okay so some of these may not be all that funny, but still here ya go