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    How to use Anger in Soccer Well (Not edited)

    How to use Anger in Soccer Well (Not edited) HI I bought FIFA 11 on 360 but I didn't like the gameplay changes. It was too fast, too easy to make tackles, and overall it just didn't have the flow of FIFA South Africa. So I decided to give FIFA 11 PC a shot. I just bought it and played a...
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    No Lucky Charms Needed- Play Your Best Soccer Game!

    HI The first 35 minutes were a disappointment, with neither side able to provide any kind of penetration. Bucs enjoyed the majority of possession put pressure on the Brazilians’ defence whenever Daine Klate and Ruben Cloete combined down the left, but too often the final ball was lacking. The...
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    One Month to Live - (Soccer Drama) Amazing Audio

    Hi It's a heartwarming story. It's family values. It's leadership. It's everything that we should have here," Mark Vannucci said as he watched on a TV at a restaurant in New York's Times Square. His wife, Susan, said: "Instead of those guys in the mine turning on each other, they worked...
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    Have you Ever Seen an UGLY Soccer Number 10 Player? - Where?

    HI he so-called “art of tackling” is great and all, but what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. As someone who loves winning, I think players who can’t tackle are better for a side than players who can win the ball perfectly well. I honestly believe that at Arsenal there is too much emphasis...
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    The Soccer Leader- The Soccer Number 10 Player

    Hi The now-Victorian state champion bodybuilder played soccer professionally in Japan and Australia, with stints with Melbourne Knights and South Melbourne in the now-defunct National Soccer League, although as a fringe player. But he turned his back on the sport he had loved in his youth and...
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    The Soccer Number 10 Dream..?

    HI Today is October 10, 2010. To numerologists, the date is 10/10/10, a special date that can take place only once a century. What better time, therefore, to recall and celebrate three special people, each of whom is synonymous with the number 10? I speak, of course, of three icons from the...
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    Meet the Number 10 Next Door Book.... (NOT EDITED)

    Hi AN INTERVIEW WITH MATTHEW ALFORD, AUTHOR OF REEL POWER Where They Have Holes In Their Souls We bask in a certain reflected glory from the newspapers we read. To "take" The Times is to be far more intellectual, far more highbrow, than someone who takes the Mail. To read the Mail is to be far...
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    Stephen's story

    HI I must confess that during the mid 1960's whilst at boarding school, I played a prank when I noted our own Matron’s Marks and Spencer white satin panel girdles on her washing line billowing gently in the breeze. Clandestinely, I removed it and hoisted it up our particular flag pole. I...
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    Dennis - Lecture on Vision Awareness Within Soccer!

    HI n March 2006 Muslimah Writers Alliance began a project in conjunction with International Women's History Month (See: President Obama's Official Proclamation-3/2/2010) designed to celebrate Muslim Women Making History. Here's how YOU can be a part of this endeavor. MWA invites you to...
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    A Very Rear Audio Interview About Soccer "Footwork".

    Hello Everyone, I'm glad that on the whole you seem to be enjoying our Wimbledon coverage. Yes, there have been a few technical glitches, all of which are picked up and addressed, but I hope you recognise that it is a pretty complex technical operation, especially since we are combining BBC...
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    Soccer footwork - Greats & why?

    HI This video came recommended by one of our professional soccer coaches. As a recreational soccer coach, I needed some additional footwork moves for my team. She suggested this video, because this is what recreational coaches are not teaching. She said footwork is crucial if the player wants...
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    Soccer Training For Kids

    Hi Kids Pro Soccer Year Round programs in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia create a perfect opportunity for children to develop and master multiple skills. Kids will strengthen individual skills, and reinforce physical, and mental development, while enjoying fun activities indoors. Kids...
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    When Soccer tricks Fail..Goals Win?

    HI The highly rated United starlet becomes the third United player to join Carlisle this season, where he will link up with fellow United defender John Chester who has been a permanent fixture in the Carlisle starting 11 since his loan move. Evans is set to replace another United loanee...
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    The first Thing you Must do Before Every Soccer Game? - Audio

    The first Thing you Must do Before Every Soccer Game? HI Well, technically, you didn’t “find†this information. Rather, after years of silently floating about in a hidden realm known as your parents’ pre-consciousness, this information suddenly decided to make its existence...