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    Sliding tackles

    sometimes, when timed correctly, a slide tackle can block a shot going in for goal
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    I've never owned a pair of Nike cleats but I've borrowed plenty. I've also worn the Adidas predators and copa mundial cleats. overall my favorite cleats are the previous version of the Nike vapors. these cleats are really light and great for speedy players! i suggest buying these cleats.
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    Learn how to kick

    thanks! this video was helpful
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    this is effective, i became fast by running to practice as fast as i could, the next 3 days my legs were to sore to do anything but afterward i was the fastest guy on my team
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    Power of prayer keeps Kaka in Milan Soccer

    the power of prayer is actually very strong, as well as emotions
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    Pele - 1958, 1962, 1966, 1970 FIFA World Cup

    insane its crazy how one player can make such a big impact:cool:
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    Bobby Moore - A Tribute

    This guy is good! i cant believe iv never heard of him until now
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    Blame the parents

    haha the last one is funny
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    Landon Donovan Fantastic Goal 2-0 - USA vs Brazil - Confederations Cup Final 2009

    am i the only one who thinks that the u.s. tries to play like England??
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    Who is Landon Donovan?

    landon is alright player, i think he receives more credit than he should
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    Top Forum Poster Contests for This Month

    100 dollars for post??? i dont see why not
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    Soccer Team posting - Contest

    dang i wish i would have known this a year ago
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    1 Goal Need Your Help..!

    Wow! i wonder what the results will look like????
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    How to Get YOUR LOANS TODAY..!

    wow i didn't know there were soccer loans!
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    Its true faith has a lot to do in a match. it could be the difference between winning and losing. Even more when your playing for a cause. I believe that the team who wants the win more than the other team will win. It cant just be one player that wants the win it has to be the whole team.