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    lets be friends :)

    just find out my account of another forum get banned ..... sad ,delete the post is all that admin had to do , i'm not a's just a sig.... crying ,not happy,today is a bad day other bad stuff happened.....
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    lets be friends :)

    i intend to use this thread to make friends(not introduction),hope it's in the right section ,if not ,admin feel free to move it . (hope there is no need to delete this ) i'll talk about not just football with friends,btw,friends from different countries ,some call this football some call it...
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    hello and welcome ! seems i'm the first to welcome u :)
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    Hey Yall

    hello and welcome ! from texas , hmm.....a cowboy ?
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    New to soccernumber 10

    hello and welcome ! i've never been on the team,just watch it ..on tv
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    I am new here

    hello and welcome, i'm new here too, also to learn :)