DENNIS LEE - Private Soccer Number 10 Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, Soccer Number 10 Training & Consultant.. and more!

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He is the founder of the official website,forums & blogs.
His soccer products and lectures simplify the way soccer players can train and improve their skills to become number 10.

He boasts openly that,"He has trained more soccer number 10 players than the goals scored by Pele and Maradona added together!

His Soccer Number 10 Social website has over 1.2 million hungry soccer visitors!

Dennis Lee - has authored : The famous,"Soccer Number 10 Blue Print," and "Meet The Soccer Number 10 Next Door!" "How to Develop: The Mindset of The Soccer Number 10 player?" a two disc audio training program. He is also the creator of "The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System" home study course. "Soccer Number 10: The Last Stand," an audio Soccer Number 10 training product.

He holds a patent within the soccer training equipment area!

He has a wide and very strong influence within the soccer training community. He has also created soccer training videos to assist the youth to develop their soccer skills and mental toughness!

With over 50 countries world wide that seeks his unique coaching methods and consulting, to get results within their training programs.

Dennis Lee has also assist many companies with their soccer equipment design functions to aid soccer players!

With over 27 years of Soccer Number 10 training and researches, Dennis Lee is a must go to authority upon the subject matter of the Soccer Number 10 player!

For preview soccer footwork training videos of: The Ultimate Soccer Footwork System:

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