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    My brother went off to college with a new laptop and said I could have his old one he never used. the problem is that he doesn't remember the password for it and never made a password reset disk. I could just sign in as "guest" but I would like to be able to have administrative options available to me so I can reset password on my windows 7. I have a cd to install Windows xp as well so how should I get started.
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    How can I trim vob file and convert it to a avi file? All the programs I've tried have some sort of catch like water marks or it will only convert vob to avi mac online part of the file. I've been at this for 3 days! I'm going insane!!! I tried iMovie and DVDStyler but I can't same my work on iMovie and DVDStle keeps quitting unexpectidly. I need to trim a vob video file then convert it to avi file so it can be burning a avi video to dvd it on a disk to play on a dvd player.
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    I made a video on windows movie maker, it's 2 min long , and I tried uploading to youtube.I kept waiting for half an hour and the little circle that shows something is loading kept turning and turning...but the upload bar stayed at 0% .So I converter avi to mp4 mac format but the same problem occured and then to an avi format but I still had to wait for another 30 min but nothing.So my video is in the right format,it's 2 min long and my internet connection is pretty fast.Wtf am I supposed to convert from avi video to mov mac without any quality loss?
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